Cable Tel is Hands On

Cable Tel's Mission Statement

Our objective is to create and maintain gain-sharing relationships. This we accomplish through providing a superior product at a competitive price, maintaining mutually supported schedules and doing so with as few job difficulties as proper planning will allow.

Cable Tel Services, Inc., would like to have the opportunity to serve you and your company.

Key Management

Robert S. Long

Robert S. Long
President of Cable Tel Services, Inc.

Robert has over 40 years experience in the industry. Having developed a well-rounded knowledge during his time in the industry, he is well equipped to guide the company administratively and operationally. Robert says the key to the company's growth is "listen and provide a superior product at a competitive price, respond to the customer, and leave them satisfied". He believes a happy customer is a good salesperson.

Lawrence Quesnel, Senior VP

Lawrence Quesnel
Senior Vice President of Cable Tel Services, Inc.

Lawrence has over twenty years in the Communications Industry and has been with Cable Tel since the company was founded. A native of Memphis, he heads operations from Cable Tel’s Headquarters there. His leadership, determination, discipline and perseverance has sustained Cable Tel’s reputation for superior results delivered on schedule and within budget. Lawrence has developed a team with a broad range of complimentary expertise and a culture that takes pride in delivering efficient solutions to their customer’s toughest problems.

Lawrence says; "The success of a project is not in the talking, but in the doing. Our results speak volumes and our customers keep coming back because we value the relationship and are committed to helping them achieve their goals."

LaDeana Quesnel

LaDeana Quesnel
Vice President of Finance of Cable Tel Services, Inc.

LaDeana has over 17 years of experience in the cable industry, ten of which have been with Cable Tel. The office manager reports to her and she oversees all office functions. Her objective is to achieve efficiency and accuracy in all aspects of all activities. LaDeana also promotes and encourages good contractor/customer relations and insures a smooth flow of administrative information between Cable Tel and the customer. Her tireless energy and dedication to promptness and accuracy insures minimum issues in job administration. LaDeana is also key to fostering and maintaining the feeling of value we place on our employees.

Our service area includes, But is not limited to:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
Cable Tel's Service Area

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Cable Tel owns and maintains a vast majority of the construction equipment used on our projects. This often results in efficiencies from which our customers benefit. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments, are quick to lease, rent or purchase additional tools and equipment to assure the best efficiency of operation, safety and quality product for our customers. Following is a partial list of equipment owned by Cable Tel.

Trailers Splicing Service, Etc. Vehicles
Box Trailers 5500 Single-User Transmitters AP 40 Bucket Trks
Dual Duct Trailers 5510 Multi-User Transmitters AP 45 Bucket Trks
Flatbed Trailers Acterna - 1450 Meters AT-200 Bucket Trks
Industrial Trailers Acterna 1750 Meters AT-35 Bucket Trks
Emergency Restoration Trailers Cable Scout TDRs Compressor Trucks
  Geo Sniffers Dump Trucks
  Cable Locaters Flatbed Trucks
  RiserBond TDRs Service Vans
  Sencor Meters  
  Sniffer Shadows  
  Sniffer Sleuths  
  Wave Tech SDAs - 5000 Meter  
Coax and Fiber Equipment, Cable Trailers, Fiber Wenches.. You need it Cable Tel has it
Coax/Fiber Equipment Underground Construction Other
Cable Trailers Backhoes Air Compressors
Fiber Wenchs Trenching Machines Arrow Boards
Fiber Figure 8 Trailers Directional Boring Rigs Fork Lifts
Wheeler Reelers Trenchers / Plow Combos Gas Powered Tampers
  Vactrons Jackhammers
    Fluke Networks T1 Test Sets
    JDSU Ethernet tests with full RFC-2544
    EXFO Optical Power meter
    OTDR test equipment
The tools to fit the task