Cable Tel Services, Inc., has been a trusted contractor on many major communication projects. We work with local and federal government agencies, the DOT, the military, telecoms, wireless providers and major cable companies. Modern infrastructure is taken for granted. Towers, and the miles of Cable and Fiber that tie together diverse locales and endpoints can blur together. Cable Tel is adept at keeping this hidden giant humming along, providing a superior product at a competitive price and working on solutions that utilize technology that already exists on site.


3G, 4G, GSM - There's a Tower for that

Cable Tel constructs, maintains, repairs and restores wireless and cell infrastructure. Particular care is given to raising the bar when it comes to Quality Control, worker safety, and efficiency. Cable Tel prides itself in regularly completing Safety First Tower Training coursework and exercises.

  • Fiber to the Tower
  • Mobile/cellular Back-haul
  • Tower Maintenance
  • Upgrades


Work with Telephony requires a diverse set of skills

Telephony, Voice over IP, Wireless, 4G and 3G are some of the many telecommunication options for consumers. If you are a Teleco looking to expand, update, perform routine or emergency maintenance on your existing services this can be a big decision. Cable Tel is the best solution for these issues, as well as aerial and underground construction.

Cable TV

Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) last-mile solutions

Cable Companies, big and small, can count on Cable Tel to address their needs. Cable Tel is highly experienced with FTTH and can make the best out of situations that require patching into copper coaxial wired buildings, while maintaining robust connectivity.

Splicing is kept to a minimum and done well, with as few connections as possible, keeping future upgrades and easy maintenance in mind. Dark fiber can be pretty cheap and we look forward to lighting it up, down to the last 100 feet.

State & Local Government

Cable Tel provides support for critical infrastructure

Cable Tel understands that network connectivity is the back-bone of many public sector services. Ensuring that these networks are always working, even when residential IP services and networks are not, is a common concern. Complex fiber splicing and network controls are necessary and Cable Tel's skilled technicians are experts at building this kind of infrastructure.

Cable Tel also provides access controls for institutions like hospitals and schools. Data sensitivity is of high importance, and the benefits of being able to share that data are too great to pass up.

  • Public Safety
  • Schools & University Campuses
  • Hospitals and Clinics


The DOT's daily task is keeping the miracle that is the US transportation system in motion. Cable Tel creates streaming video services and messaging solutions that keep DOT personnel updated with up-to-the minute information, even in the field.

  • Video
  • Messaging
  • Communication Networks
  • Traffic Control


Military telecommunications demand precision and efficiency

Without the military, we may never have had an internet, not to mention a few other things. Being on the cutting edge of communications technology is one of the reasons we got into this business in the first place. Expert Fiber Splicing and data-routing, airtight and sparkling-clean facilities are things we do everyday. No one appreciates those things quite like our Nation's Armed Forces.

  • Base Consolidation
  • Homeland Security
  • Communication Services