Cable Tel Services, Inc. and Sub-Contractors

At this time, over 80% of the men and women working on Cable Tel's projects are direct employees.  Cable Tel Services, Inc., also maintains a database of known general and specialist sub-contractors who have been evaluated, validated and approved prior to inclusion in our database. All sub-contractors must meet or exceed Cable Tel's standards. The supervisors of any sub-contractor deployed by Cable Tel will have reviewed and demonstrated thorough awareness of Cable Tel's Safety, Reporting and Communication Guidelines.

Cable Tel takes pride in our positive relationships with sub-contractors. The company's growth and expansion is generating an increasing number of opportunities for sub-contractor partners.

If you are interested in being a part of our subcontracting database, please fill out the form below. If you prefer, you can fill out our PDF and fax it to (901)384-4003, or scan and email it to

Subcontractor's Application

Cable Tel Services, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer

Has the Company Ever:

Trade References

General Contractors with whom your company has worked with in the past three years

A Certificate of liability Insurance coverage must be submitted to Cable Tel Services Inc., along with this completed form. When you are approved, you will be provided with a subcontract agreement for your review and execution. On executing and returning the agreement you will be categorized as a preferred contractor and will be able to begin work as it is determined appropriate and as the need arises.

This preapproval procedure does not guarantee work or price, but will give you the opportunity to make the determination based on the specific job requirements of Cable Tel Services Inc.

By Signing this statement, I duly authorized as of affirm and certify that the information herein is accurate and also authorizes Cable Tel Services Inc. to contact references and confirm information contained in this questionnaire.